The Clock Runs Down (Book one), Forward and synopsis


As much as I hate taking this down, I am publishing and contractually I have to remove my digital copy from the site.  I apologize for this, and any of you were reading the story  and want to continue, the first Act, or “Half past the apocalypse”which has been edited as well as expanded and will be available for sale on Amazon in the next two or three days.

For now the other two books Dark tide rising and Storm Before Dawn will remain available on the site.   Again I apologize.


3 thoughts on “The Clock Runs Down (Book one), Forward and synopsis

  1. I started out reading AUD, and after finishing that work, explored the fan fiction section and discovered A Clock Runs Down, then A Dark Tide Rising. I have to say, fantastic story, the characters are well built, and their story drags you in and makes you care what happens. No mistake, it is the zombie apocalypse with a serious supernatural twist. It is dark, and bloody, and brutal at times, but the characters never lose hope, never give up, and never, ever stop moving forward to a brighter future, no matter what. This story has great heroes, diabolical villains, weirdness and twists that you wont figure out until they are sprung on you. I look forward to seeing this published. (and edited, damn it) (snicker)


    • Thanks James, I am glad you enjoyed it. I have always believed that a supernatural explanation for a zombie apocalypse offered far more story lines than the current fad of the “Virus”Theory.

      Chris inspired me to write the story I wanted to read and I am happy to see others wanted to read it as well.

      Despite “The Walking Dead” success I believe (some) people want a story that offers some hope, some explanation of the hows and whys and an ending that isn’t all doom and gloom. which is what I’ve tried to offer.

      Thanks again for reading, It means a lot to me that you enjoyed it.


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