The Clock Runs Down (Book one), Forward and synopsis

Recently I was inspired to write, of all things a zombie story. the inspiration for the Piece, was Adrians Undead Diary

the story is technically a fan fiction piece, but only in the sense that it shares the same fictional world and rules as those of AUD, Adrian’s Undead Diary. What started as a small exercise in writing turned into a six hundred page story. and is continued in a second Story called “Dark Tide Rising”, and the work in progress “A Storm Before Dawn” the third book in the trilogy. all three story’s have spawned several side fiction stories as well.

Id like to thank Lauren, Ontos, Killswitch, and many others for encouraging me to finish. as well as Nathan and Nicole for suggestions and help. now before a car load of undead clowns arrive, lets move on.

“The Clock Runs Down, is the story of Jared Stone a wilderness guide and his friends, who escape from Nashville, trying to survive and find a Safe Haven from the Disaster sweeping over the world.

Their Journey takes them from Nashville Tennessee to the East Coast, scavenging for supplies and exploring the ruins of a dead world. Along the way they discover that things are not what they seem, there is more to the end of the world than they had thought.

This is not your typical zombie story in many ways, for starters I am fed up with the idiots that infest 99 percent of all horror movies and books.(particularly zombie stories.) The endings of those same works, usually leave me with a why did I bother to watch or read this, it ended exactly the same as every other version. with all the same mistakes.

so I wrote my own, where hope was something the characters cling to, as well as their basic humanity in a world turned upside down. This is a story about some of the small percentage of people who lived when 6.9 billion died.

sounds grander than it might be LOL but I tried, and Im still working on the story trying to revise and tweak constantly to make it better. so take a look and see what you think.

Warning.. this story contains, Adult language, Violence, and possibly other things that might offend. If your a child or you just don’t like that that kind of thing, don’t look consider it Rated R.

for those willing to brave being offended, thanks for Reading and I hope you enjoy.

On to Act one part one.
Part one


3 thoughts on “The Clock Runs Down (Book one), Forward and synopsis

  1. I started out reading AUD, and after finishing that work, explored the fan fiction section and discovered A Clock Runs Down, then A Dark Tide Rising. I have to say, fantastic story, the characters are well built, and their story drags you in and makes you care what happens. No mistake, it is the zombie apocalypse with a serious supernatural twist. It is dark, and bloody, and brutal at times, but the characters never lose hope, never give up, and never, ever stop moving forward to a brighter future, no matter what. This story has great heroes, diabolical villains, weirdness and twists that you wont figure out until they are sprung on you. I look forward to seeing this published. (and edited, damn it) (snicker)


    • Thanks James, I am glad you enjoyed it. I have always believed that a supernatural explanation for a zombie apocalypse offered far more story lines than the current fad of the “Virus”Theory.

      Chris inspired me to write the story I wanted to read and I am happy to see others wanted to read it as well.

      Despite “The Walking Dead” success I believe (some) people want a story that offers some hope, some explanation of the hows and whys and an ending that isn’t all doom and gloom. which is what I’ve tried to offer.

      Thanks again for reading, It means a lot to me that you enjoyed it.


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