Five years? doesn’t seem like it.

Well if you haven’t counted the days, let me tell you that Midnightscorner has been up for five years now.   The clock is older than that of course and truth to tell it doesn’t seem like it.

Yes, five years and it boggles my mind.   If I had realized it sooner, I would have written a anniversary story something along the lines of Bowlers hats childrens bed time stories or bowling with clowns.   Maybe a Amos and Ratty story for you to kick back in bed to read.

the other day some one asked me what actor (person) that I see as Jared.   which is kind of funny since I had run across an article about some adult film star or model or something who looked almost exactly like I had pictured Jared.    Humming the porn theme Bonk chick a wa wa.  Jill would kill him, probably with a spoon.

Any way, five years… man I am getting old.

if I remember correctly, and in my dotage its not promised I am correct, I wrote the Clock in late 2011 and it still feels strange knowing that thousands of people over the last decade or so have read my great “opus” the grand American tale of Survival and dark humor.

I might try to get the whole series to be required reading in High schools or at least nursing homes.

Anyway its late, I have to get up early assuming this head ache fades enough to get some sleep.  Thank you folks for reading and enjoying the tale of the Dirty Half dozen bad grammar and all.   Take care and have a good one.




4 thoughts on “Five years? doesn’t seem like it.

    • Thanks Rob,
      and thanks for reading. I still want to sit down and do a rewrite of the entire series. Clean up some stuff, change a few scenes. Even add in stuff I had cut originally.

      Currently I have been working on my new story, and have semi outlined “Bowler Hats bedtime stories for Children.” LOL


    • pssst. yes its been that long. LOL

      time has a way of slipping past with out being noticed. not long ago me and a friend (for those obsessed with proper english..a friend and I) were talking about a movie, and I said something like it came out a few years ago and some one… cough… nicole… cough.. looks it up and goes “try twenty years ago” LOL talk about peeing in my cheero’s.

      Thanks for Reading it means alot to me.


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