A new story in the works.

A while back I started work on a new story, one of many actually.   it faded after a couple of months because frankly I didn’t like it and it had no real direction.

Unlike the stories about Jared and company and of course the Zone, It didn’t write itself.  What do you mean, well with all the story’s on here, an idea popped into my head and I would sit down and write for hours, usually till early in the morning every day.

The Clock was written in three months, the rest took a little longer but I still banged them out pretty fast.    So this story started out okay and faded.


But now it hit me how to fix it, and the idea is just sitting there waiting for me to get to work this evening.    It all starts with a museum robbery on the first day of the end of the world.

I am going to try and get the first part rewritten and posted in a week or two.


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