traveling, naked people and a question

so using my friends truck (since mine is still in the shop} I went driving around and decided to check out some campgrounds for later.  well let me tell  you it was a beautiful day yesterday.   so the first place I end up at was kind of run down in the sense that it was old, not as in dirty, how ever it didn’t have wifi or a way to wash clothes.  the second place was far to expensive.  now the third place, was nestled in the woods off the beaten path.  driving in the buildings look nice etc.   so I park and get out, as I am heading towards the office, I see a group of naked people heading towards the pool area.   LOL

not that I care, I just wasn’t really expecting it.   so the moral of the story is this,  if you look up camps to stay in, check the website LOL.

which really begs the question, how hard would it be to survive the ZA in a nudist camp.


2 thoughts on “traveling, naked people and a question

  1. With nothing butt the bare necessities, I’d say they would discover that they are very naked and very afraid…. Sounds like the ZA version of a weird reality TV show LOL!


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