Life, Lemons, Vacations from hell.

As you folks may or may not know, My mom died last summer.  Its taken months to get the house ready to sell and get the estate settled (almost settled really).

Having spent several years taking care of her, I decided to hit the road for a vacation.    Part one of the plan was to visit sites from the stories and visit old army buddies along the way.   well a broken axle, a lost wallet and a dog dying means my truck is in one state, I am in another and my bank is in a third LOL.

but things are almost back on track and I plan on Visiting the Farm in a week or so.  So look for some pictures when I get back.

After that I plan on making my way down to Sullivan Island and visiting Ft. Moultrie.

Once I hit a few of  the places from the Stories I’m  heading west where I plan on visiting a few ghost towns, along with state and national parks.  Places like Zion and the like.

Yes thats right, Like Jared and Crew I am mobile okay maybe more like Pappy on a hover around.  At least I wont be hiding from Undead Clowns or Bowler hat.

What all this means of course is internet access is spotty, Life in a camper is like solitary confinement only with a flat screen and several dogs.  I plan on posting some of my on the road experiences along the way… Yes I will be… cough… blogging… cough… Martha get the gun that there is one of them there blogger types.

So Thanks for reading my works in Progress and for hanging around.  At least I have not resorted to posting cute cat pictures.   LOL  Besides NIbbler would probably not be amused at cute cat pictures and its always wise to keep a pit bull happy.







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