Alone in the world, a haunting tale of survival in the ZA.

I recently had a friend ask me which of the stories I have written did I like the most.  Which is actually a hard question to answer, but in the end I decided that Alone in the World was my favorite. If you haven’t read Alone in the world there are a few spoilers below.

Why you ask?
thanks for asking.

For many reasons, First the story line is different than the usual zombie apocalypse works.  Lets face it, as far as I am aware of there has never been a ghost story set in the ZA.

It was close to Halloween, my favorite holiday, when I sat down to outline and write a new story and as usual I was enjoying my month long October Horror movie binge which inspired the outline.

Secondly I loved Lee’s character and his skills.  How often has a sling been the primary weapon in a ZA story line.

Third, I enjoyed Adams character and being able to touch on my own experience working with a traveling circus for a year.

and fourth exploring the uses of the odd skill set Lee possessed was fun.

Lets face it, I’ve tried to add different unique elements in all my stories. From Hungry rampaging tigers to Feral hogs. A ghost story, was something different.

Why you ask did I choose a re-enactor for Lee’s character, A mountain man re-enactor at that, several reasons really.

I wanted something different.  A delivery guy, Cops, soldiers, Shrinks, hookers, strippers and burger flippers have been done to death.  But those people who choose to spend weekends dressed in funny clothes (and yes I was one of those people in funny clothes many years ago) pretending to be some one from a different era was new.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed the story as much as I have and I hope once its edited you will enjoy it even more.

I have toyed with a ZA story set in a nudist camp, but that was just to disturbing of an  of an image.  LOL


7 thoughts on “Alone in the world, a haunting tale of survival in the ZA.

  1. I’ve enjoyed all your stories. Yes, the oddball characters are a very refreshing change from the same ‘ol same ‘ol we see in others. No, please, for the love of Bowler Hat, no nudists…well, he might enjoy bringing out their “inner beauty” LOL!


  2. Now about those re-enactors… bad “The Walking Dead” wasn’t being filmed during a ZA. The first season might have ended early and the special effects would have been incredibly realistic!


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