The clock runs downs and other stuff

Well the first real edit of the clock is completed and posted.   Yes there is still more editing to do as time goes by.  Currently I am working to edit DTR then on to the Storm.  It will wake time. Especially since my life is in turmoil and there is no sign its going to calm down anytime soon.

I’m finding that dealing with all the details of my moms passing is far more complicated and time consuming that I would have thought.

As soon as things get back to what passes for normal I will be starting a new writing project, another zombie tale, one that I plan on taking my time with to cut down on mistakes and to make editing easier with the aim of actually publishing.

there will be some new side story’s coming, Lost years type stuff as well as a couple of Aftermath story’s.  but all that will take time.

Thanks for reading, and for those that keep coming back to reread thank you.  It means alot that you’ve enjoyed it so much despite the many flaws.



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