A Thanks to a friend and some random comments.

a little while back I was talking with a friend about my stories, Of which he and his wife have read  most, if not all of them.  where am I going with this, Well in part its leading to the following:

Over the years he has been a big help with my stories in a number of ways.  We have spent hours talking about what ever plot line I am working on and he has always had suggestions to offer and never once has been afraid to say, Are you stupid! when I had brain fart or two.

So Thanks Nathan, I appreciate the advice and your friendship

up next on my mind, which is like a multi level lazy Susan with thought control issues is this.

In almost every story, I try to add things about survival, rebuilding or technical ideas, all of them real and based on fact.   Such as the Fuel processing plant’s, or the Super Cap batteries.

Why did I do that, well in part because as much as I enjoy a good zombie movie or end of the world movie, I got tired of the stupidity.   Why in gods name would you run around dirty, and hungry when you could scrounge up and Rv that has a hot water heater, fridge and other items that can run on propane.   a hand pump could fill your water tanks,  a couple of solar panels on the roof and some marine batteries would run your lights.

Need batteries scrounge up science fair books and find out how to make them.   Need penicillin, you can make your own its not all that hard.

I got really tired of the only kind of Drama in those movies being starving to death, rape, and killing each other.  The potential stories in the genre are confined to a narrow band of pop psychology and the rest are wasted.

Anyway… LOL   if any of you have questions on why I did or did not do something in a story feel free to drop me an email or a comment below.

Example, Why have none of your stories occurred in a bordello…Answer, there are not many ways to kill zombies or bandits with thongs and sex toys.


thanks for reading please leave a reply

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