Thanks to all those who have read my stories and something new.

Not for the first I admit, but I wish to again thank all of you who have read my stories and especially those who have enjoyed them LOL.  its an incredible thing really to have taken these little ideas bouncing around in my head, figuratively put them down on paper and then find other people actually enjoy them and follow the work.  Humbling really.

The truth is that the only reason I have continued to post despite whats going on in my life is you the reader.  I can not promise that it will continue for another year or years, it just depends on how things shake out.  So if it ends, please know that the fact you’ve taken time out of your lives to read my ramblings spanning several years now, has meant a lot to me.

now to the something new.  Thanks to a couple of family members visiting, I’ve actually had a few hours each day to write.  Hence Part seven of the Hunters trail being finished so quickly and now I am twenty pages into Jill the Lost years… Working title do not judge LOL.    If my visiting relatives are still here when I finish it, I plan on at least one, actual pathfinder story.  If they aren’t I will at least try to get it written and posted no matter how long it takes.

Thanks again and I wish all of you a good evening.


9 thoughts on “Thanks to all those who have read my stories and something new.

  1. Just a fantastic end to this tale. Looking forward to seeing the Pathfinders develop Thanks, Mike

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    • Thanks Glad you liked it Mike. The Hunter was one of my favorite characters and I wanted to show how it all ended. Hopefully,there will be no medical issues or emergencies that keep me from writing a Pathfinder story.

      Currently I am Working on a Jill the lost years story. 30 pages in and Still more to go.

      Thanks again for reading.


  2. You have created so many characters, you should never run out of stories. I would love more stories about the river. Living in Ste. Genevieve, MO. You wonder what happened to the people in the small river towns up and down the Mississippi


    • True Harold, My problem is time to write. I have more story ideas than I probably have years left of life LOL.

      I’ve wanted to do another story about the River folk and what its like on the river. If life cooperates I might get a chance to write it one day.


  3. It’s been awhile since I’ve commented on any of your posts, but I’ve always looked forward to your tales of Jared and company! Been a fan since Adrian’s, but your writing keeps me coming back and wanting more! Thanks again and keep up the good work when you can!


  4. Did Clockwork start out as a pathfinder story? I know it literally started with a pathfinder but I was just curious if you had originally meant to for that story to get as ‘big’ as it did?


    • TCRD isn’t really a pathfinder story. story wise the Pathfinders are a group that was started by the zone after the dead had finally shuffled off this mortal coil. Part scout, part diplomat, part SF and secret agent and Jack of all trades.

      The Clock really started as one story, a groups effort to reach Sullivan island during a supernaturally based zombie apocalypse. LOL But as I wrote it, more ideas occurred to me and I had a full outline for Dark Tide Rising, and several side stories before I even finished TCRD and then of course the same thing happened while writing Dark tide rising.

      So no I really didn’t plan on it becoming this big originally.

      and I have to admit, I Loved Bowler hat from the moment I first introduced him.


  5. Thanks for taking so much of you time to entertain us!

    Seems like just the other day I was reading the first chapter over on the Aud forums… Time sure does fly!


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