in the spirit of the season, a few more classics and not so classic movies.

so here we are counting down to the one of the top holidays of the year and you are probably asking yourself what movies would be best for the celebration of all things Halloween. I could mention Strippers from Hell, or the Slew of british semi porn horror movies from the 60s but I wont… Oh… umm forget that last part.

My first horror movie was the incredibly cheesy 1959 “Wasp Woman” which was showing on Captain somethings, Midnight Movie Madness. I was eight,pretended to sleep then snuck into the Den and watched the whole movie with only a cap gun and a Bull whip for protection. which was over kill to say the least in retrospect I should have brought a plate of cookies and Dr. Pepper but I can only plead I was eight, it was midnight and the lights were off and there was something in the corner that really creeped me out.

Anyway, here we go movies to delight and chill, or just delight in the cheesy badness.

yes we all know about and have seen, if your a decent Halloween celebrator, The 1954 “Creature from the Black Lagoon” or 1951 walking vampire carrot classic “The thing from another world.”

but have you seen

1958 “The fly” or “the Blob”

1970 “Vampire Lovers” Based on the Novel Carmilla and staring Peter Cushing, A Favorite Hammer film actor and Star Wars Icon (Grand Moff Tarkin)

1972 “Asylum” another Peter Cushing movie and not a bad film overall.

1972 “Tales from the Crypt” A British movie staring Joan Collins, Peter Cushing and other big names of the day.

1974 “the Texas Chainsaw Massacre” Nuff said

1975 “Rocky Horror Picture show”, a cult classic, Horror movie spoof. Okay Granted its better at the midnight showing in a real theater. And cleaning up your house after viewing with friends who know all the audience participation lines and gags, will be a pain but worth the fun time.

1976 saw both “Carrie” and “the Omen” hit theaters, so consider these for your must see list.

1977 “Dracula” Yes its a remake of a remake, of a reboot and a product of BBC 1, but its worth a view.

1977 “rabid” starring Marilyn Chambers, yes the porn star in a non porn movie, not a bad movie overall.

1977 “Sentinel” staring Christina Raines, It was a great movie in its day. Based on the book of the same name. its in my personal collection I might add.

1979, the horror classic “Phantasm” if you haven’t seen this movie, shame on you for claiming to love Halloween. The Tall man was the Slender man of his Era.

1981 “An American Werewolf in London” staring the Dr. Pepper spokesman David Naughton. A classic and some of the best effects for its day. A must see.

1985 “Return of the living Dead” A great zombie Spoof, and if you haven’t seen Trash dance in the cemetery then you missed punk being made cool for a generation of people. if you haven’t seen this one, give it a shot its worth the effort. I would say that in places its not kid friendly… Trash, cemetery dancing comes to mind.

and I will leave it at that for now.. Next time 1940’s and more fifties movies

Remember if a mass murderer is slaughtering your party guests one by one, the decent thing to do is get the still living to surround you and escort you to a vehicle so you can go get help. also get them to check inside the vehicle before you get in. Its your duty to get safely to the police to save their lives.


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