Yes the Holiday season is almost upon us, thats right Halloween is just around the corner.

What Halloween? the Holiday season? Are ye daft man. Yes Halloween is the second greatest Holiday in existence. what other holiday do you get gifts, candy, costumes and parties and excellent, or not so excellent Horror movies. Its that time of year when there is a bite to the wind, skeletal limbed trees silhouetted against a bloated full moon while leaves skitter and swirl about you. A time of magic, mystery and mayhem. A time when kids can be kids and adults can be young at heart again.

and to start off the season, a few movies to consider viewing.

of course there are the classics of yesteryear Dracula, the Mummy, Wolfman, Frankenstein, Abbott and Costello meet Dracula.
but there are others, some overlooked and some to be avoided….

DO not ever, I mean ever watch a movie called “Grave Mistake” trust me its aptly named. it was a grave mistake to write the script, a grave mistake to actually film it, and A Very Grave mistake to watch it. I think I suffered dain bramage from viewing it.
It has every thing a bad movie can offer, a bad plot, Horrible acting, Monotone script reading from cue cards, A sock puppet Monster that a three year would have been embarrassed to have made. Yes it is in the top three of the worst movies of all time. You have been warned!

now then to list just a few classics of the last few decades that you might want to show for personal pleasure or at a party.

1963 Dementia 13, a classic “ghost story” Psychological thriller
1963 The Haunting, a classic and well worth the viewing.
1964 The last Man on Earth, The Original movie based on “I am Legend” By the legendary Richard Matheson, remade as the “OMega Man” starring charleton Heston, and influenced many more up to the modern day with “I am Legend” Staring Will Smith.
1971 the abominable Dr.Phibes
1972 The Last house on the left
1974 Black Christmas, this movie has been remade so many times over the years and never given credit. It is one heck of a great movie for its day Staring the ever beautiful Olivia Hussey
1976 Island of the Damned, a nice disturbing movie for Halloween, it also been called “Who can kill a child.” take a look
1978 The changeling staring George C. Scott. a fairly good ghost story for its day.
1979 the FOG, by John Carpenter. entertaining and still better than the 2005 remake, Reboot in the butt.
1979 Halloween by, yet again, John Carpenter.
1983 the Entity, a nice little chiller.

I will post more as I go through my movie collection, I will aim to provide titles for the more obscure movies and I hope you enjoy them.


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