The Clock Runs Down and the questions

a few years back, I read a story called Adrians undead diary that ended up inspiring me to write a single story that has turned into several years worth of stories linked together in one way or another.

whether these stories are truly fan faction or have morphed into something else I leave to you. the intial story “The Clock runs Down” was written in a very short amount of time, a chapter of around 30 pages every three days or less. I make no excuses just letting you know. I wasn’t a writer then and I don’t claim to be one now. But I am working on becoming one.

so what are you now if not a writer. Good question glad you asked. Look shiny penny. ADD for the win. no seriously, I consider myself a story teller at this point.

As I wrote the Clock other stories rolled through my mind, Like the Hunter, Lauren’s story, Amos and Ratty, and a host of others, many of which exist only in outlines or a paragraph or two. to be honest I probably have more stories than I have years left to write them.

the big question I have been asked is why? whats the appeal for you. You don’t even get paid for this.

I guess I could explain that the world I have created that spun off of Chris’s original story, lives in my mind I want to see where it goes, see what happens to the Boat people?, or what is Puerto Rico like now? What happened to Lauren and Casey? Did Ronny and his family die in Alaska. What happened to Kronnens Baby? Hint its not nice. Who the hell is in Oakridge? what happened to Simms…(he ends up having a daughter named Olivia who marries one of Ori’s… never mind). and what Happens to Caleb? What is going on out west? and a ton of other story ideas that float through my mind. including… Pirates… LOL

The simple and most honest answer, is I enjoy it and I keep it up for the people who read my stories and enjoy them. Believe it or not I feel bad when I can’t get something written or realize at some point this will end. Yeah I know you folks will get on with life not pine away, tearing out your hair in clumps and wailing “WHy O’kelly, WHY?”

The next question is usually What is your deal with zombies and the end of the world stuff? I get that a lot from family. Why? well its simple, since I was a kid I wondered what I would do, what other people would do. What was possible, how easy is it to make batteries, what about iron. how would people live, what kind of society’s would emerge. short answer is every kind of society possible would emerge, religious, secular, some based on fantasy, others on psuedo history, what about a group of swingers that survived, or the Nerds from the SCi con in DC. What kind of Society would twenty Practitioners of BDSM build if they were they only ones to survive in their area. I’ve toyed with writing about some of those, including the Renaissance festival folks that Brian encountered.

I enjoy wondering what the impact on religion would if the dead rose, which I touched on with Brian but declined to go in depth over.

Another question or two are usually asked about the characters, where did you get the idea’s for them, Why have Ronny being a submissive smart ass? Why Jill? do you have a thing for violent women, Jill, Beth, Mary, Lauren? What about all those stories related from the military are they true? Those have to be made up?

Where did they come from, Jared is an amalgam of people I admire,in addition I wanted a larger than life character in his ideals and trying to live by them in a world where the tendency would be violence. and yes the quick draw stuff is accurate! don’t believe me do a little research. a tribute to some one I loved, who shared many of the same traits. so in a way she will live on through Jill.

yes I like strong, smart, independent women.

pretty much all the characters have some element of their personality based on some one I know or through observation. Yes I knew a guy like Ronny, yes there was a real event involving two hookers, a goat and a wedding. Though the real story is no where near as entertaining. I did know a guy who like Ori could vanish into the woods and could move across dirt and you would be hard pressed to spot him. he how ever had a wicked sense of humor and could keep you laughing all night.

A secret for you, Military stories like that usually grow in the telling LOL I think Jared addressed that when discussing the story about a Top flying hookers into a FOB, the real story was the Top arraigned to have some USO girls visit and the story grew from there.

how ever the story of Jared punching a clown in Stuttgart was based on a real event and yes a clown was harmed in the making. I didn’t know the guy, or the clown but I saw it happen and found it funny.

though if you ever hear the military story about the Batman, Its true. A friend of mine was an LE in the AF and was one of the responders to the initial call

Let me say this while I am the topic of Germany and military stories. Germany was a great place, the people were great and the scenery especially down around Munchen and Bavaria was something you have to see, words just can’t do it justice. so to you Germans who might read this, Thank you for some great memories. You were great hosts. Danke sehr! and it should be said Jared loved it there too.

Why was Mikhail Russian, and nuts? you know that just sort of happened, Maybe I had been reading to many cold war spy novels at the time. All I can say is I started writing him, and he became Russian, intelligent, well read, utterly Amoral and a man who lived to kill and despite his seeming love for the USSR, he had no loyalty to any one or any nation. I tried to make up for Mikhail by having a decent Russian in Jorges story.

Now…Jasper Even Brown… where did he come from? Well see I had this uncle… Just kidding. Honestly, I couldn’t say. I already knew the basic story, how what became bowler hat was a tool of the dark and would stalk the characters, recruit tools, kill, eat, maim, have a few odd powers etc. But as I sat down to write Mary’s experience on that day in Nashville, the Image of Bowler hat appeared in my mind, his entire personality, the back story, the reason Jared hates clowns, his history as a serial killer was born right then. I had to stop writing Part 2 and write down everything about Bowler hat before it faded.

I even offered to write a book of bedtime stories for a friend to read her kids Called “Bowler hats Bed time stories”, she declined not wanting to pay for the counseling sessions sure to follow. I still think “Bowler Hats tips for dating and Fashion” would have sold a million copies, but maybe thats just me.

was Amos based on any one. No but Mr.Ratty was based on a real rat I had as a kid. Mr. Ratty followed, Armstrong the Hamster who was slated to be sent into orbit before Mother control canceled the whole project thanks to a test rocket accident that set the shed on fire. okay it was the second test Rocket accident but still. If any one needs a hand made hamster space suit “never worn” let me know I think I still have it in a box somewhere.

were any keyboards harmed in the making of this opus… yes eight so far.

Are you ever going to stop adding to this post.. Yes right about now, I have a movie to watch and the Nibbler is wanting her belly rubbed. Oops hang on.

is the Nibbler based on a real dog. Yes, and she is laying beside my chair wanting her belly rubbed.

if you have a question just ask. Till then,

Guten Nacht, Good night, spokoynoy nochi, or in chinese Wan An. May there always be a road


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