Editing, and I am an idiot.

Thanks to Jim, I went back and took a look at TCRD. Now understand, I am aware that it needs to be edited, then edited again, then prayed over and edited some more. then hire some monkeys to do a rewrite and… well you get the idea.

what I discovered how ever was I am an idiot. I grant My grammar skills are, poor, okay that might be to weak of a word but it will suffice. and I have been attempting to relearn grammar. School being many decades behind me. So back to being an idiot. I have the original draft of each story. then multiple copies of ever chapter of each story. many are products of rewriting etc. then there are the edit files, where I went and started, read as attempted, editing. what I found was that some of the posted chapters on here were in fact, not the edited versions but old draft versions.

anyway, in an attempt to clean this up and make the story cleaner, and the readers happy. as well as preserve some of your brain cells. I removed ever copy from my computer. started a new file folder, where I am only adding the version that has been posted here to the site to the folder.

I am editing each each of the new files and posting it as I finish so this time I am not looking through six or seven files and mistakenly post the wrong one. Organization for the win, yay me. will this make my grammar any better. probably not, but I am working on relearning so stick with me.

send me grammar hate mail, with advice on correction thanks, and I will keep plugging along as time allows.

side note, I have also discovered that Grammar checking programs pretty much suck.


6 thoughts on “Editing, and I am an idiot.

  1. Hey
    Take it a little easier on yourself!! I read your stories because they are brilliant stories not because I want a grammatically correct work of art!



    • thanks for reading Red and I am glad you like it.

      Part of what inspired that post, was going back through all of Act one and finding that I had at least twice posted early drafts with out realizing it.

      I would like the story to be much more polished, but not to the point that it reads “sounds” like every other generic story out there.

      any way thanks again for reading and thanks for the comment. Have a good day.


  2. Joe, it’s obvious to most of us that you are a great storyteller and that you enjoy doing this. I’m here to read a bunch of fun “what if” stories, not to be critical of grammar. Frankly, I’d rather you crank ’em out than spend a lot of time fine-tuning!


    • Thanks for reading lightninz23, glad you’ve enjoyed it.

      let me say I am not overly critical about Grammar, but many of the mistakes I have found annoy me simply because they were simple things. from Misspellings to posting the wrong draft.

      I need a secretary, I wonder if Jennifer Love Hewitt is available. the pay is bad but the benefits are excellent. oh wait… she is married now… sigh..


  3. You’re doing great Man, compaired to some of the crap getting produced that people actually drop coin for! Keep on keepin on, we’ll keep on sifting through your brilliant meanderings and grammatical obstical courses. We love a challenge 😛

    No, seriously. Your doing fan-damn-tastic. I’d pay for a subscription if you chose to go that route. Do you accept empty coke cans and snarky comments as payment? 😛


    • Coke cans and snarky comments, sure LOL.

      I keep thinking I will write something new and original to actually p ublish.

      But the truth is every story line that occurs to me is a spin off of something else I’ve written.

      besides, I’m not sure I can come up with a better villain than bowler hat LOL

      Rocko Gribbs, AKA Spats escaped serial killer and former stage hand. known for wearing spats and a frock coat.
      “oh no… its Rocko… The spats killer every one run!”
      nope just doesn’t strike terror in the hearts and minds.


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