Just a few thoughts.

I hope every one has a good labor day weekend. I personally cant wait to grill some steaks, drink some cold beverage of the bottled variety and listen to some good music.

I hope that all the new readers enjoy their trip through my addled brain, any comments are welcome as well.

So the new Walking dead show is out, what did you folks think of it. Personally I haven’t bothered. TWD was enough Melodrama to last me a life time. But who knows you might convince me to give it a shot.

I have enjoyed the strain, lots of fun and a different take on the whole vampire myth.


4 thoughts on “Just a few thoughts.

  1. FTWD gives you a look at how it all began as opposed to starting with Rick waking from a coma.

    Not sure how I feel about it yet. It’s no Clock Runs Down, that’s for sure.

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