I apologize for the very long delay.

As you may or may not know, Over the last few years I’ve been dealing with alot of things Like taking care of my mom, Mega Doctors appointments etc… Because of that situation I have been incredibly busy, as well as Internet problems etc… add in that time has gotten away from me and we have ended up here. and for that I apologize to every one who has been a loyal follower and to those who have only recently discovered my stories.

The good news is Part Two, is ready and will be posted as soon as I post this.

Again I am sorry for the long delay. The only reason I have continued writing is for you folks. so with no further delays, Part Two.


2 thoughts on “I apologize for the very long delay.

  1. Hey Man, glad your back! No worries on the delays. Anyone that’s been following you should already know about what’s going on and understand. We appreciate what you do. But your family is more important!


  2. Glad your back hope all is well cant wait to read thanks for taking the time to entertain us slugs know how busy you are. Appreciate the time you give us .Thank you


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