The Ballad of Wild Bill and what it has to do with “Coming Home” The last days of Jillian Stone

I recently stumbled over this song, which became the inspiration for a short piece dealing with Jillian Stones final days. I gather it was first on some hallmark Christmas show, but I really enjoyed it. So if I ever decide to post “Coming home” You will know what inspired it, and what was playing when I wrote the final two paragraphs.


5 thoughts on “The Ballad of Wild Bill and what it has to do with “Coming Home” The last days of Jillian Stone

  1. OK, I’m confused (which isn’t a hard thing to do to me) I was looking for a story about Jill and got a song. Are you writing Jill’s epitaph? The characters you’ve created in these Novels are so filled out that I somehow think you base them on people you know. The story lines really grab me and seem so realistic ( I WILL NOT reread “A Clown in the Moonlight”), I’ve followed the route of the “Dirty Dozen” on Google maps. I’m in the process of rereading the trilogy. There are few writers that I’ve read that can draw a mental image and create a universe such as this. May your imagination never falter!!!


    • I guess I should have come up with a better title for this post. Now to answer your question while sitting in the hospital yesterday and listening to music The Ballad came up on my play list, inspired I pulled out my laptop and whipped up three pages of what I hope will become a slightly longer piece covering Jills Last days.

      I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the story, It means alot to me. The characters are, themselves. Trust me sometimes they even refused to do what I wanted them to do. “A clown in the moonlight” is different. I wanted to get more into the circus life but didn’t since it did nothing to drive the story forward. (I worked a traveling circus for a year, a very long time ago.)

      I did try to include as many real places in the story as possible, and many places I had personally been. I probably spent as much time in real life pouring over topo maps plotting out Jared’s route as Jared did in the story. LOL
      So I am glad that other people really enjoyed that aspect of the stories.

      Thank you Harold, you and people like you are the reason’s I actually finished three “Books” and assorted, associated stories. Well finished in a not fully edited way LOL.


    • I am so sorry Harold. I could have sworn I answered this when it was posted and for that I apologize.

      Yes, I have plans on writing a story about Jill after Jared dies. Hopefully it will happen.

      I am glad you like the stories, and in some ways a few of the characters are based (loosely) on people I know.

      is there something wrong with “A clown in the moonlight” ? LOL

      honestly it means alot to me that you enjoy it so much. Its an odd feeling to have strangers enjoy the stories I’ve written.

      Thank you and I am glad you have enjoyed your visit to my imagination.


  2. Joe, I hope you’ll post Jill’s story, I’ve wondered about her. As Harold mentioned in the post above, I too have mapped some of the route. Being originally from the mountains of NC, now living in central NC, I know and have visited many of the locations you’ve mentioned in your stories, from Nashville to Hilton Head, and it’s made reading your stories all the better for me. Thanks for the great job!


    • I do plan on posting Jill’s story. Assuming that nothing turns my life inside out and upside down any time soon, I hope to finish the Story of all the members of the zone meeting and adopting the Constitution, which is not painless and driven forward by Jill and Ori in memory of Jared since it was his dream. psssst its rumored that Ori was actually a constitutional representative and pistol whipped a guy on the chamber floor.

      Its a beautiful area, Gods back acre as a friend of mine likes to call it. When I started this I wanted to do something a little different. Okay a lot different. I really wanted show what it was like in other places. The kind of thing I wonder about watching a ZA movie. And of course it never hurts to write about areas your familiar with and enjoy visiting. Glad you enjoyed the stories and Thanks for Reading.


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