places around the United states to survive the Zombie apocalypse. No more Prisons, malls or Apartment buildings YAY!

up first we have Fort Clinton, a nice cozy place with a view of the water where you can oogle the hotties of which ever sex you choose who are surviving on the house boats. Though the zombies beating on the doors might be a bit distracting.

Fort Clinton

Next up is Fort Independence and castle Island, a nice place with plenty of post apocalyptic amenities, the best is of course the walls. For extra effort solar panels can be installed to run the basics like hot water heaters and A/C if so desired.

Next we have a delightful little post apocalyptic get away, perfect for those romantic escapes from the undead. Yes Battery Weed at Fort Wadsworth, the property has a great view and with effort fishing can be had from the walls.

Boldt Castle, small and cozy enters the list next. It has much to offer, especially if your into tiny castle homes.

the next place is not a castle or fort despite the name. Sandstone castles, on the A bit rustic it never the less has some charge and protection to offer.

Next we have the charming fairy tale castle in Miami, its amenities include a moat and draw bridge, good weather, fishing and with some work a catapult to fling the undead you capture back at their friends, for fun of course.

Next on our list is a Unique place to survive on the AMU campus, now you can survive in bullet rich zombie killer fame lifestyle you deserve while offing undead coed’s, professors and grounds keepers intent on spreading their Undead utopian propaganda one bite at a time.

Here is the perfect place the those who want to become Lord of the Manor, live in style and lord it over the Suriving peons who live in your garage. I Give you.

Of course no list would be complete with out mentioning Storybook castle. Here is what could become your very own gatehouse.

The back courtyard where you can bowl for peasants or playing chess with living peons playing the roles of each piece. While the angry undead beat on the walls demanding their pound of flesh.

if you are seeking rustic charm, and not the kind of charm that means collapsing around your ears, then do I have a place for you to survive in.

Next up we have the haunting beauty of the southwest and an unusual home that should suit most if not all of your needs during a ZA, its isolated, has walls, you can see the undead coming for miles and most of all … well its isolated.

Up next for the lifestyles of the Bullet rich, zombie killer famous, we have a place that is about as unique as it comes. Am I sure its safe, no not really but as the zombies stop and stare in surprise at this place you will have time to pack and escape to safety.

TO be honest I doubt the next place on the list still exists, but if did it would be cool to live in, you could even escape using it like a hamster ball.

can you say bowling for zombies.

We now move to the Northern climes of the US again in our search for a place to hole up during the ZA thats not a prison, mall or Apartment building.
Now this place has classical charm, easily defended and can hold you and your band of survivors with room to spare and with a little work be made self sufficient and luxurious. not to mention the fun you could have gigging for undead from the windows and roof or watching the zombie ice scupltures during the brutal winters. Thats right ladies and Testosterone fueled He man survivors its Battle Mountain Sanitarium.

thus ends part one of the Apocalypse reality listings for the life styles of the bullet rich and zombie killer famous people. Why do this you ask, simply I am sick of the lack of imagination in zombie books and movies on where the band of survivors hole up. So I thought, we need a real estate list for the End of the world.

I am currently thinking about getting my Apocalypse Real estate license so I can show and sell these places legally once the living dead over run the world. Dont worry prices will be Low, low, Low.


5 thoughts on “places around the United states to survive the Zombie apocalypse. No more Prisons, malls or Apartment buildings YAY!

  1. Outstanding! Have you considered a nice former ICBM silo perhaps? I prefer a nice mesa somewhere with ample rainfall and perhaps and old abandond military post perched on top 🙂


    • in part two I plan on showing one or two of the Silo’s and other places I’ve stumbled across in real life or doing research.

      So many odd and cool places out there.

      Some no matter how cool, wouldn’t help you hold out against a horde of Girl scouts demanding you pay for their cookies LOL.


      • Ft Independence looks the best IMHO. That yard full of sea containers is a nice wall looking for a place to protect. Then all that open ground for growing stuff to eat 🙂 The only bad thing would be the entire population of Bah-Stain trying to eat you, walls or no LOL!


    • Glad you liked it. I have been amazed at the places I’ve stumbled across while writing, driving around and just living.

      So when I watch apocalypse type movies, I always end up asking myself why do writers and Producers almost always go for Prisons, malls, homes and apartment buildings.

      Okay every one once in a while you see a bunker or a truck stop but still. (Maximum overdrive anyone)

      Thanks again for reading, have a great day.


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