Two more days till deadline, a new Apocapicture and a couple of pictures of Puerto Rico and other things.

yes two more days and Part ten will be finished. Thats right two days and the wait is over.

Some thing that was pointed out to me is that I should mention that though most of the stories are complete they are drafts, admittedly most are in the sixth to seven staged drafts but drafts or WIPs none the less so I am stating it here for all the world to see. LOL.

El Moro

El Moro, Spent some time crawling over this place, especial the Devils watch tower.

San Juan
San Juan, the First place I lived in PR was just down the road from the the holiday Inn thats to the left of the bridge. Great place and my balcony overlooked the Lagoon. Spent time diving along the shore there and in the lagoon, but there were alot more interesting places to scuba dive like, Dorado Beach or Aguadilla
not to mention hiking and camping in El Yunque

any way enough of that, unless you want to see another picture of My favorite Puerto Rican actress, Roselyn Sanchez. now on to the newest Apocapicture Ive discovered on Deviant art at DrewDahlman.

so thats it for the moment, enjoy and I will leave you with a thought. No matter where you might find your self… no wait… Always check… No thats not it either.. okay screw it another picture of Roselyn Sanchez coming up.


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