Almost four years of writing.

Almost fours years and eight keyboards later and I am still writing this stuff. Truth to tell What started as a fan fiction Tribute has become something that is only fan fiction in the loosest meaning. Its become a part of my life to the point that possible side fiction story lines are almost constantly rolling through my head as I go about life.

two examples. “hey look at that abandoned School up there half nestled in the woods on that ridge, That would make a cool setting for Darius or Lee to be holed up in, injured and trying to escape either the undead or People trying to steal his stuff and kill him.” “Man watching CSPAN for two seconds made me realize that the ratings would climb for CSPAN if the undead burst in and began eating congress on camera. Now that’s a scene that should be written.”

actually I did write that scene for an odd little comedy zombie story, that involved a a stripper, an irate housewife, a husband with an incredibly stupid friend who liked to poke zombies with a stick and a pack of zombies on hoverarounds in a walmart packing lot.

Any way, I appreciate all those who have read my stuff and all the future people who will read this stuff.

and to those of you who keep thinking about writing, do it. put it out there, even if only a few people read and enjoy your stuff. There are thousands of critics and complainers on the web who never write a single story despite their “superior knowledge” of how its supposed to be done, ignore them. Writing a story is like baring a part of your soul, its a risk and takes guts to create in reality the world and people in your mind and in the end it will resonate with some and not others.

Found this on WordPress.

to show you how the same idea can occur to multiple people I bring you this Apocapicture, I had toyed with writing a story about one of these dump trucks where a group of people lived in the back to survive and move around the ZA, slowly move around that is.

a real world Super sized Dump Truck. note some are bigger than this one.

well that’s it for now. Take care and have fun.


2 thoughts on “Almost four years of writing.

  1. Growing up in the hills of eastern kentucky, I can see this story in my head right now. A group if good ol boys come outta the mine shaft to find the ZA in full swing. They escape up the side of a Cat 777 and hole up to regroup. Once the zombies lose interest and wander off, they make a run to their trucks and grab their hunting gear and various other mountain man essentials they all have in their trucks. They fire up the 777 and grab a fuel truck on the way out. From they fun ensues as they make their way through the hills and hollers of the Applacians.


    • thats actually about what I was thinking about LOL. Maybe stop off somewhere to grab a cane and lift a couple of camper trailers up into the bed for living quarters. then mount a couple of heavy duty winches to lift pallets of scavenged supplies up to the bed as you go along etc..

      It would be slow going, but not much would slow down or stop that beast.


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