update on Chapter ten and The Supposed “warmest winter on record”

Okay heres the skinny, 411, sit, pick your phrase of choice and insert. With the record cold temperatures, during the warmest winter on record, being snowed in with out power in what has become a disaster area and having just gotten my power back on half an hour ago, it comes and goes so who knows how long it will stay on. I am as you can imagine, behind on writing but I promise to do what I can to get it written and posted.

Hopefully the next storm due in tonight wont knock down any more trees, power lines or small children and allow me to get something done.

Thanks for reading and I apologize for the delay.


6 thoughts on “update on Chapter ten and The Supposed “warmest winter on record”

  1. No worries Okelly, we all know how tough it is to write whilst lounging on a tropical beach somewhere, scantily clad scenery wandering about. Go easy on the bevaholic alchages though…they say double vision inhibits keyboard operation not to mention the occasional projectile vomiting tends to ruin any manuscripts laying about. That said, get with it Hemmingway! You loyal fans are starving themselves while impaitently sitting at their computers waiting for your next bit of prose! Winter storms, Record “cold” PAH! It’s the warmest winter on record ferchrissakes! šŸ˜›

    Seriously though, keep warm and type on (when you’re able šŸ™‚ )


    • you know the last time my butt was hanging 80 to a 100 feet off the ground in a city, there were two LEO’s waiting at the bottom to inform me that Rappelling down a building was illegal. who knew? LOL thanks for reading James2.


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