Part nine is up.

I want to apologize for the long wait and the shortness of the chapter. I had thought I had plenty of time to get it finished Tuesday and Wednesday only to get hit with my mom having appointments all day both Tuesday and Wednesday halfway across the state. okay it was only two hours away, but that’s four hours both ways on the road and I didn’t get home till late last night since she insisted on turning it into yet another shopping trip before coming home. Walmart and shopping Centers are Gods curse I am telling you. (I have it on good authority that Fall of the House of Usher as actually about Walmart)

so any way, I cut out the last part since I wrote most of it after midnight last night and just didnt have time to go over it and do any rewrites and limited editing. Figuring you folks would enjoy the 18 or 19 pages instead of waiting yet another day or two for the thirty some odd pages I post the first part, the rest will become Part Ten.

Thanks again for reading and your patience. You folks are the only reason I write this stuff in the first place. God knows it doesn’t put food on the table LOL. Have a good day, Leave a comment if you like. leave a comment even if you don’t. but thanks for reading either way.


thanks for reading please leave a reply

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