Part nine update, The X-files and ElizaVeta

Okay first things first, Part nine is almost finished and will be up no later than Tuesday evening, I’m actually shooting for Monday night but I want to give myself some lee way. Sorry about the delay but life has been biting me in the butt lately. Part 8 will remain a WIP for the foreseeable future since my only problems with it are just small elements in it that I waffled over.

now on to something else, I don’t know how many of you like the X-files, if you don’t your loss (LOL), Anyway I have been on a X files binge at bedtime lately. Kick back with the Nibbler and Watch one or two episodes before I pass out. Scully is a hottie. okay yes the last season or two of the show sucked, but the early stuff was awesome. The first movie was okay, the Second movie sucked.

Just discovered ElizaVeta and thought I would share with you folks


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