A life to remember

when we finally pass on, what will we have done that really matters. Making money is good, but its not the be all and end of life. Will we have devoted the majority of our lives to helping a company and its owner(s) make money, spending what little free time we have watching Tv or surfing the net, or will we have actually lived. what you ask brought this on? well some one recently asked me about the song that Jared was whispering there at the end. Why that song?

that song is about living a life to remember because life and time can be a cruel SOB. It doesn’t really matter if others remember or even know all that we have done, only that in the end we know that we have few regrets about roads never walked, mountains never climbed and love never found.

Sometimes a song has an incredible impact on a life. It speaks to the soul and stirs the fire of the heart. Well that song was it for me and it was passed along through Jared. In fact it was playing when I wrote the the end of Jared’s story. Its a country song (Jareds Favorite music), but I ask that you give it a chance. who knows it might have the same impact on you as it did on me.


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