just a couple of thoughts on comments, or more rambling of a demented mind.

you know I just commented on something on another site,(Will Wheaton) then read a post supporting a friend of his who is a writer of comics, scripts and such like, after he had been flamed. which made me reflect on the comment I had left about zombie movies and books in general. as a Story teller, I really don’t want to say writer considering grammar and I have been at war since 8th grade, I find myself bored with what is considered good story lines, disgusted by the lack of real world knowledge displayed in various stories both in print and film. But I should at least acknowledge the work, like it or not, that goes into books, scrips and making shows and movies.

its all right to criticize, to say you don’t like this or that. My tastes are not the same as others after all but to insult and attack on a personal level, for example Robert Kirkman because I don’t like his comic, or the TV show, or just happen to not agree with a comment he made is wrong.

Which leads me back to thinking about my comment. It sounded good in my mind, isn’t that always the case. It just seemed to have a tone to it that didn’t express the half amused state I was in. so I am making a second new years resolution, the first is to return all pens I borrow, I will endeavor (surprise I do know big words) to make sure all my comments accurately reflect the mood and intent of my thoughts… hopefully this resolution wont turn out like the one to marry my 3r grade sweet heart, the way that ended ruined 4th grade forever. 🙂


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