A clockwork boy part 8, Happy New years to all of you, and stuff

first let me apologize for taking so long with writing and posting. Between the Holidays, health stuff, hospitals, taking care of my mom etc.., I haven’t had a lot of time.

So on to the important stuff, Part 8 should be finished here in a few days, yes using the word Few is hedging sorry, But I am shooting to have it finished before the New Year rolls in.

Speaking of.. HAPPY New Years…

I have been going back and editing various chapters of the various stories. Organized no, but I am getting through the first edit. Three years and counting and the first edit is almost done… Woot… I know, I know, but I am going to take it as a victory.

See part of the problem is I have God knows how many stories bouncing around in my head, that I end up sitting down and hammering out. Most dont get posted, I mean who really wants to read about Victor Means quest to find the canned movies he most wanted to see and missed because of the apocalypse, or how a gang of Eight year old’s survived the undead and took over a Chucky Cheese to live in. Yes some one went looking for Jennifer Love Hewitt hoping to score browny points with Jared only to find Jill was less than amused.

Maybe the sky pirates would be fun but sadly I just didn’t like that story once I got it on virtual paper. the Nibbler back story, just ended up to many pages of her missing her favorite treats and trying to find a Chew toy that lasted more than two minutes and how bad the undead smelled.

Anyway you get the point, far to many what if’s and not enough time in the world to get them all down much less edited. So… I am forcing myself to edit. note that EDIT is a four letter word, like Damn or wife. Coincidence, I think not.

oh and for those suffering from Peak Zombie syndrome.. how dare you… LOL Will Wheaton on Peak Zombie


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