A clockworkboy part 2, Z-nation, eye infections and injured dogs.

yes its been a while,and for that I apologize, Ive been dealing with my mom’s problem, a massive eye infection of my own that almost made me blind so my writing, reading and TV watching is way behind. So the first bit of news, a clockwork boy part 2 is almost completed. Yay me.

my dog who decided climbing onto the roof of the camper to play and try to snatch flying squirrels out of the air is recovering after discovering she cant fly herself, I suspect she feels suitably stupid judging by her reluctance to even look me in the eyes, yes eyes.

and now on to Z-Nation. yay Zombies for the win. just after my eye sight returned, I discovered “Z nation” its a scy fi show that’s showing on Fridays around here. The show is not bad, a little of the acting is over the top and a few scenes, but over all they have explored several Ideas that I and others like me have thought about while watching movies and shows. Its fun, not the usual idiot made for Scy fi garbage that usually keeps me away from the channel and its not a over the top Drama fest that is “The walking dead,” where the characters started off strong, fairly smart and resourceful only to reveal that apparently the Z virus makes you stupid long before you turn. Oh the worship of pop psychology for the cult of disaster movies.

Both shows have something to offer, but where the “Walking dead” takes itself and its “Brand” far to seriously “Z nation” is just fun with some decent plot points along the way and so far hasn’t saturated their time slot with five minutes of commercials for every three minutes of show like AMC, FX and several other channels are now doing. I am not a paid critic, I only slept in a holiday Inn express once and I am one of the rare people who loved “Battle: Los Angeles” not to be confused with the SCY FI disaster “Battle for Los Angels” that was far worse than Plan nine from outer space could ever dream of being.

Personal note: the Worst movie ever made hands down is the aptly named “Grave mistake” it was a grave mistake to write the script, a Grave mistake to ever think of filming it, am even worse mistake was to allow it to be distributed to the world and the worst were idiots like me who actually lost brain cells watching it all the way to the end (like watching a train wreck in slow motion and wondering if it could really become any worse by the end) where we find out that Jim Henson had no hand in designing the sock puppet dog zombie.

well thats it for the moment, Enjoy life, Happy Halloween Holidays. do not watch “Grave mistake” even if they offer you Millions and the man or woman of your dreams. YAY I can see again.


4 thoughts on “A clockworkboy part 2, Z-nation, eye infections and injured dogs.

  1. Good to see you back Okelly
    I also made the grave mistake of watching that abomination My only excuse was that i was very drunk lol. Z Nation is a bit of a laugh the guy that has been bit is such a knobhead tho
    Keep up the good work


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