A clockwork boy part 1 is posted.

Well its here, A clockwork boy part 1, in the Pines Enclave, the rebuilding is barreling along. But there are threats lurking in the shadows that threaten to end the rebuilding and ultimately cripple Sullivan islands recovery. this is the second McCaffrey Pathfinder story.

and for those that are interested, Yes the new work I have started, with the hope of publishing, is… A zombie story. It might involve a Statue of Anubis, an annoying restaurant critic being eaten alive and a Hamster or not LOL The Lead Character will not be red headed or a veteran. and I do plan on having at least one screaming women in high heels get killed while running across soggy ground. Unless of course I change my mind.

no I have not given up the idea of cleaning up The Clock runs down so it can be published. but there are things that have to be worked out before I can go that route. At some future point, if it ever comes I would like to publish most if not all of my work.

anyway, moving on. As always if you have an opinion, a suggestion or even an idea let me know in the comment section or use the email link in my gravatar profile to send it to me.


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