Dilemma Part 5 is up, Halloween and odds and ends.

Yes, Part 5 of Dilemma is up for your reading pleasure. I hope you folks are enjoying it. it been fun to write and hopefully the number of mistakes are far fewer than when I started this writing spree three or so years ago.

Well we are heading into September and that means the Holiday season is about to start, yes Halloween is almost here. okay I admit I enjoy Halloween, go figure right. I write zombie stories and some as yet unposted or published horror stories, I enjoy the ambiance of it all, the foggy fields, the swirling leaves, the dark lead gray skies that reduce the world to misty shades of gray and black. And yes I enjoy the whole good vs. evil theme of horror.

a theme I find sorely lacking in what passes for horror these days, which mostly tends to be either over the top tour de forces of special effects to cover a poor story or Nihilistic crap with no direction and no real point other than to rack up a body count.

Soap box removed….

anyway, thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy and I hope you have a good day.


2 thoughts on “Dilemma Part 5 is up, Halloween and odds and ends.

  1. Thanks for the great stories Okelly 🙂 And yeah, sometimes the bad guys win…it sucks but then that’s what makes it different from the run of the mill “good guys kill foozle at the last second to save the realm, the end”


    • Your welcome Rob. I have to say that I never expected so many to enjoy my stories and I didn’t expect to still be writing three and a half years almost four years after I started. Much less still have people reading it LOL.

      I have several stories that I still want to write. who knows if I will end up having the time to get them written before Bowler hat comes calling in my dreams. Freddie Kruger is a piker compared to Jasper. LOL.


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