Editing, Halloween and why Dilemma part five is going to be a little late.

So here I am again, Yep like a bad penny or that annoying cousin who seems to move in and stay for the holidays.

Speaking of, we are heading into the most wonderful time of the year, Halloween. Soon I will be in horror movie heaven, as the air grows crisp and cool, the trees begin their change to fall foliage, and an almost magical feeling invades the senses as the sun sets and the blue black star filled night skies cover the world.

So there is your Halloween alert, which also means beware of clowns. The evil demented floppy shoe wearing, jackanapes, with their white painted faces.

I have been editing the Act one Parts one through six of “the clock runs down”, some parts more extensively than others. Yes there are still mistakes, but each time I sit down and edit those that slipped past previously will be take care of till one day, the ugly duckling will have had a slightly less intensive make over than some people at a plastic surgeons office.

One problem that new writers will face, if you are anything like me, will be as you read your work you will see it as it should be. Your mind fills in the gaps, corrects the mistakes etc. two bits of advice, write it and set it aside for a while, then go back and reread, or let friends and relatives read it. Better yet do both. I should have done that, but you know live and learn.

One of the things that really amazes me, is on rereading it, how many things, i.e. mistakes, leap out. Now I don’t know about you when you reread your work, assuming you write. But me I am amazed at some of the mistakes. Okay yes I rushed writing this story, a chapter every three days or so, and then kept on writing, so that three years and some odd months later here we are with three novel length stories, and lots of short stories and two series.

I’m thinking at some point, before I got carried away, I should have stopped and really dedicated some time to editing LOL but people kept asking for more and I felt obligated to give them what they wanted, believe that or not. So I want to thank those of you who have read and supported this effort. I particularly want to thank those of you that have seen the story past the errors and enjoyed it. You really deserve credit.

Dilemma part five might be a little late since I am diving into editing Act two part one tonight and I might go through a couple of more parts over the next day or so. But I am shooting to have Dilemma Part five up no later than this coming Sunday. Cross your fingers.

Thanks again for reading, I am thrilled and humbled that so many enjoy this.


4 thoughts on “Editing, Halloween and why Dilemma part five is going to be a little late.

    • oh I’ve gotten better as time goes by. In the end I would really like to have each story well polished, and even hopefully add some of the material I cut out.

      anyway, thanks for Reading and your welcome, and yes. Tap, tap, Freaking Tap. LOL


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