Dilemma, and a thought on writing a what if story

When I sat down to work on Dilemma, I decided that I needed to delve into options and ramifications involved in one of many aspects of long term survival after the collapse of civilization. Its not a pleasant subject, but I felt that I needed to present at least one of the unpleasant aspects that some one might have to face after the collapse of civilization and mass death.

Usually I avoid writing anything that smacks of social commentary and I have no plans on preaching one way or another on the suggestion Erin was presented with in the story, other than what the characters thoughts are on the topic. I hope I do not belittle the subject or seem to make light of it because that is not my intention.

No matter which side you fall on in the debate, I hope you enjoy the story as it progress’s and that it gives you something to think about as far as what a person might face after the end of the world as we know it. To many people romanticize what it would be like once the governments are gone, and people are left on their own to survive by their wits. This time I wanted to look a little closer, with out the antiseptic so many apply to the end of the world.

There are so many things that can and will impact a person or persons after a disaster that wipes out the bulk of humanity and civilization.

Like when does a person become an adult, what happens when some one spends years alone? Do things like mercy and compassion have a place? Can a man or women survive with out losing the values they hold dear? How would religion fare if something like zombies occur? and no where was the believer warned. For that matter how well would a modern man do compared to a woman? in some cases I, think women would do far better at dealing with things. Yes that is actually my opinion.

growing food, is not as easy as sticking a few seeds in the ground and sitting back with nothing to do but wait till food springs forth.  there is more to hunting and fishing than just collecting the animals and cooking them.  and starting fires may not be as easy as using a lighter.

Fiction, whether speculative or even fantasy should at least some of the time explore the what if’s not to promote the writers personal opinions but to explore a possible situation disturbing or not.

Personally, I hope none of us ever have to face a real mega disaster of any kind and learn first hand what it’s like.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you folks have a good day.


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