Part three is up… YAY

as you can no doubt tell Part three is up…. and there was much rejoicing at least till we have to eat the minstrels. (name that reference). thanks to all thats going on and the weird natural need to sleep, which I hate. I haven’t had much free time.

recently things have changed, and the demands of taking care of my mom and dealing with life in general have really gutted my writing time for that I apologize. why apologize you ask. Its simple, I appreciate the time youve taken to read my stories and believe it or not feel you deserve a little better than to have to wait till hell freezes over and Satan takes my ex mother law back after their divorce for me to get something posted.

now on to answering a question sent to me by email, yes I read poetry, not all the time of course, and mostly classical stuff. I have no real interest in the more recent works, though occasionally I stumble across something new that strikes my fancy but usually I tend to swing towards Kipling, Poe, Yeats and T.S. Elliot. I think Kipling is mostly popular with soldiers and Vets, but I could be wrong about that. And no I dont tend to quote poetry to people in real life, well not usually, okay maybe once or twice on a date just to show I’m not a total back woods idiot.

another email asks if I am handsome.. okay no one asked that but Im sure some of you are wondering (Lauren) LOL. take all the best features of brad Pitt, Tom Cruise and who ever you find hot mix them together in perfect harmony… and I look nothing like that. speaking of cramped writing time, mine is up for the moment.

Thank you for reading and for being patient, I appreciate it.


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