for those that are wondering.

I had hoped to have Part three up tonight but it appears it will be tomorrow night, I have to finish editing and rewrite a few key sections before posting. Sorry about the delay its been hectic as usual around here with not alot of time to write.

but as treat or torture your choice I leave you this tonight..

Dies Irae
13th Century

Dies irae, dies illa / Solvet saeclum in favilla, / Teste David cum Sibylla

Dreaded day, that day of ire,
When the world shall melt in fire,
Told by Sybil and David’s Lyre.

Fright men’s hearts shall rudely shift,
As the judge through gleaming rift
Comes each soul to closely sift.

Then the trumpet’s shrill refrain,
Piercing tombs by hill and plain,
Souls to judgment shall arraign….

When the judge his seat shall gain,
All that’s hidden shall be plain,
Nothing shall unjudged remain.


4 thoughts on “for those that are wondering.

  1. Thanks for writing this OKelly! Take your time (no, don’t hurry up dammit LOL!) Get it right (I can deal with typo’s, hurry up dammit LOL!)

    Seriously, this is a fantastic story. Thanks for doing this 🙂


    • thanks Rob. well its been a really long day, and despite the power going out for two hours, I am almost finished with Part three. I will have it up tonight even I have to stay up til 0400 to get it posted. LOL

      on an unrelated note.. Tap tap tap… I think you have a story to finish. if you want finish it up and send the whole thing to me and Ill post it here.


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