Brotherhood of the Dead: Child of the Dark coming soon to a blog near you.

yes you read the title correctly, another story.. nothing as long as what Ive already written. Just a side story but one that should be fun. LOL

The problem, aside from the obvious grammar issues, was there was to much story. so my intention has been since the beginning of book Three to at some point delve into what happened to…

in this case, The brotherhood of the Dead, a new post ZA religious group with paramilitary leanings has a secret and though they trade with the Sullivan safe zone they have never joined the growing alliance of settlements who struggle to rebuild the Nation they once lived in.

A pathfinder discovers part of the Brotherhoods secret they are a splinter group of the Warlords men. badly wounded She manages to live long enough to reach Sullivan passing along two words “child of the Dark.”

so, I thought I would pass this along just to give you something to look forward too. I have to finish ” A clown in the Moonlight” first, I refuse to do what I used to do, work on multiple stories at the same time to cut down on the mistakes and to up the amount of time I have to reread then rewrite and hopefully correct as many issues as possible before posting.

Thanks for reading, as long as life cooperates I plan on finishing off several hanging threads with side stories.

Then one day.. I might actually become an author LOL.


thanks for reading please leave a reply

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