The Artist and other things.

Sorry to be late with this. But I wanted to thank T for letting me post the first part of his Story “the Artist”. I hope you folks enjoy it, I know I did.

I hope you have enjoyed my story telling, its been a few years in the making and gone much further than I had initially planned. No lets be honest LOL when I started I had no intention of writing beyond “The Clock runs down” but about halfway through “the Clock” the story for Dark tide and for A storm rolled up.

The ideas for short stories, many more than were posted, occurred to me the same way. The idea being that I could each short story fill out various places and situations that didn’t really belong in the main story but would explain how some things happened in other places. for example Flight of the Paladin, tells the story of the what happened at the Elizabeth town airport and how the cache locations ended up there.

So here we are with the main story finished the fates of most of the main characters put out there for some closure.

in the end I hope Ive brought you some entertainment and something more than usual nihilistic zombie story endings and maybe even pointed out a few things survival and equipment wise that you haven’t thought of.

If you have any questions about the hows or whys of something in the story leave a comment or drop me an email and I will answer them.

to wrap this up I ask if you have enjoyed my story telling you will pass it along to others.

Thanks for your time I appreciate it.


thanks for reading please leave a reply

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