its Saturday, winter, a quest and chapter Thirty two.

Yes its Saturday, Chapter Thirty Two is posted finally, sorry for the delay.

Its still winter here, but today was a wonderful sunny day of near sixty with winds. which leads me to my quest, I have decided that too many people over the centuries have wasted far to much time seeking the grail. I will instead set out to discover Gods Thermostat with hopes of setting it to seventy degrees all year round when I find it. First though I have to locate a flunky.. I mean side kick, so be advised I am taking applications at this time.

the ability to carry large amounts of snack treats, witty banter, and not trying to hog the damsels in distress I meet along the way are all acceptable qualities for a Lacky… Er I mean side Kick. T shirts will be awarded upon completion of the quest. “I was the (Sherpa, Lackey, Red shirt, flunky) for the quest of the holy thermostat” and other catchy phrases available upon request. with luck and good marketing you could end up with your own action figure as well, complete with large pack and walking stick.

so on to chapter Thirty Two.

I rewrote all the lost material and then kept writing. finally I went back and made myself end the chapter at around forty pages and post it, the remainder will go into Chapter Thirty three, and then will come, yes for you sesame street fans, Thirty four, I thought about skipping Thirty four and going straight to Thirty five, but the thought of violating a law of mathematics was frightening, the world might spin out of its orbit around the sun and head out into deep space or Gerbils mighr rise up in rebellion demanding better running wheels and luxury appliances in their habi-trails. SO hope you enjoy, and remember, no matter where you are, there your at.


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