update, dont you just love winter.

just an update, Chapter 32 should be finished and posted in the next two days. It would have been posted today, but last night in the middle of rewriting. Winter struck, okay it’s actually been hanging around for a few days, but last night the temps dropped to neg eight before windchill was factored in, and then.. the power went on and off several times before dying.

when I turned on my computer this afternoon, I found that first I had to re install win 8, but once I got on the computer I found that for some reason the every ten minute back up of files didn’t exist, so everything I had written blew off with the storm last night.

Im starting to think Im having one of those lives LOL. hope the rest of you made it through the polar shift all right. Thanks for reading and hope you have a good evening.


2 thoughts on “update, dont you just love winter.

    • UPS had better be refunding the shipping costs, last time they tried to wiggle out of it by telling me that it wasnt their fault the Mimes were unable to escape their shipping boxes.


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