Addressing the Tunnels do they or dont they. ( an email answered, sort of)

I thought I would go ahead and address this topic. Many of the things, weapons, places in my writings really exist. But some of course do not.

So to address an email I received.. No as far as I am aware of a huge network of underground tunnels do not connect key points in DC to key facilities and bases. Nor am I associated in any way with any secret Government programs to hide the existence of zombies, or huge underground bases, Reptile aliens posing as Politicians. (Politicians are isolated enough from the real world as is with out being aliens)Nor am I responsible for the New Coke, or for destroying the old coke formula ( I do agree the coke of today tastes nothing like the old coke,but its not aliens or myself who were responsible.)

“how could they be built in complete secrecy? with out alien help” you ask.

I will show you how. (this is not a leak nor do I wear a black suit and are attempting to lead you astray. I just thought this technology was really cool and most people do not know it exists) so with out further Adieu.. the tunnel borer.

Source: U.S. Department of Energy, Nevada Operations Office, photo number MX-027-30, 14 December 1982.

tunnel borer

tunnel borer

Apparently these things can tunnel between seven and ten miles a day. as far as the tunnels in my story, I have no clue if they exist. The technology certainly exists to dig them quite quickly. But my story is Fiction sorry to burst your bubble. I just thought the idea was cool.

PS I just have to say ” I make this suit look good” LOL


2 thoughts on “Addressing the Tunnels do they or dont they. ( an email answered, sort of)

  1. I am totally sure that everything you have written is pure fiction and you have no knowledge of any and all governmental conspiracies. *wink wink* 😉


    • exactly and any resemblance between my written zombies and some secret real world bio weapon to reduce the population to walking corpses who eat their neighbors and watch Opra and listen to Lady Gaga is purely coincidental.


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