The Legend of a Haunted Doll.

well here we are, so close to Halloween we can smell the caramel apples being prepared. I thought you might enjoy this Legend of a Haunted Doll. Is it true, I do not know. is it Evil, only the Shadow and the doll itself know.

The Legend of a Haunted Doll.

Innocence is only a Facade.

well here I am again. with yet another hub over odd things. why write all this stuff some ask. well to be honest I enjoy the weird and creepy. The world rarely fits neatly into the little box we call reality. just take a gander at quantum physics if you don’t believe me.

so here we go. Most little kids have joyful vivid memory’s of their dolls, the tea party’s, the dress up games if their girls. or the long hours of talking to your best friend and playing if your a boy. their family’s fondly remember the lazy summer days. when their little girl would sit for hours and play with her dolls.

They would shake their heads at the antics of their boys. but sometimes what appears to be Innocent is just a facade for something dark and Malignant. Something that never rests, and torments the dreams of those whom upset it.

Sometimes in the dark, the innocence fades from porcelain faces that leer as evil dances deep in Glass eyes.

Key west Florida.

Robert Eugene Otto. was given a Doll in 1896 that he named Robert. some say the servant who gave it to young Robert hated the family and cursed it. what ever the truth this is the story that followed.


low voices drifted thru the darkened Hall, a conspiratorial conversation that Mr. Otto couldn’t understand. ” whats that ” he asked, as his wife sat up next to him. “Roberts talking to someone ” he said climbing from his bed. ” its only his doll” his wife replied. ” whose answering for the doll” Mr. Otto demanded quietly as he slipped on his slippers. ” the other voice is too deep.” Mrs. Otto could only shake her head.

Mr. Otto found only little Robert sitting in his bed, the doll sat in its chair looking at him blankly. young Robert insisted he had been speaking to the doll. Mr. Otto stood there for a moment looking at the Doll a smile on its false face. days. something wasn’t right but Mr. Otto couldn’t place a finger on what it might be. with a final glance at the doll that sat in the shadows. he admonished little Robert to be silent and go to sleep. weeks passed. and the conversations continued.

then the Neighbors began to whisper, that when the family were not home, they would hear giggling coming from the empty house and see the Doll running from room to room thru the windows. sometimes it taunted passersby.

Then Little Robert began to scream at night, and Mr. Otto would burst in to find the furniture in the boys room overturned, and strewn about. Robert the doll would be found laying at the foot of the bed, glaring at Little Robert. and Little Robert Insisting that Robert the Doll had done it. Finally the Ottos could take no more. Little Robert Rarely slept, and had nightmares when he did. they were unnerved by the eerie voice that seemed to come from the doll and the chaos that ensued at night. So Robert the Doll was locked away in the attic and the house finally quieted down.

for years, Robert the doll lay in that attic, wrapped in darkness. one can only imagine his smoldering gaze fixed on the attic door, just waiting for his chance at freedom again.

When Roberts parents died they left the old house to little Robert who moved back in with his wife. and shortly found Robert the doll in the attic. he promptly took the Doll and placed it in the Turret room. later he found that his wife who had become uneasy about Robert the Doll had returned him to his attic room.

Robert was angry and took the doll back to the turret room, declaring Robert needed his own room. His wife soon began to worry about his sanity. as her husband would sit an talk with the doll for hours on end.

then the whispers started once more as Neighbors and passersby would spot Robert the doll standing in a window watching them. sometimes they would hear a voice that mocked them. school children began to avoid the old house. swearing they would look up and see the Doll Glaring at them from turret room window his face twisted with hate.

Even Robert began to feel fear, often finding the doll sitting in a rocking chair. or else where in the room. and swearing the doll would complain harshly about being kept in the turret room. finally he could take no more and locked Robert the doll away in the attic once more. this time for the rest of his life.

Robert Eugene Otto died in 1972, and a new family bought the old house. sometime after they had moved in their daughter began screaming in the middle of the night. claiming that She had been attacked by a Doll. you see Robert the doll had been freed once more from the attic and now he was loose amongst a new family. his innocent looks now faded, and maybe his true face was finally showing thru. the parents would rush to the girls room and find her screaming in her bed, Robert the doll laying at the foot of her bed. sometimes the room would be in disarray. but always Roberts Eyes would be locked on the screaming girls face.

and it might have been imagination on the parents part, but they thought they often saw a smirk of satisfaction on that old dolls face. The girl claimed time and again that Robert the Doll attacked her and had tried to kill her numerous times. And even thirty years later tells interviewers she believed Robert the Doll wanted her dead.

Today Robert the Doll is still dressed in his little white sailors suit and still clutches the stuffed lion. but he cant move around much if at all anymore. you see, the new family got rid of him and now he resides in a Key west Musuem. where some vistors claim that sometimes the innocent face twists into a leer. and you take it in your own hands to take a picture of him with out gettng his permission. or he will as they claim lay a curse on you. Some of the workers will quietly tell you that Robert still plays his old tricks late at night in the darkened Museum.

what ever the truth, on the walls of Roberts new room are notes from visitors begging him to remove the curse.

To be honest, we all as kids knew that sometimes at night, some of our toys took on a life of their own. they would lurk in the shadows watching us as we covered our heads with a sheet. their little faces twisted into a horrific leer so unlike their day time countenance. and if we dared to lower that sheet we might have seen something dark and evil stir in those dead glassy eyes.

The Legend of a Haunted Doll..


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