So you think clowns are funny do you?

as Lon Chaney once said there is nothing funny about a clown in Moonlight. Well some people would say there is nothing funny about the members of the floppy shoe wearing happy faced freaks association any time of day or night and to show you why..

Laundry clown

as if thats not bad enough on laundry day there’s this clown that shows why there is a need for birth control.
who knew Clowns were born that way.

reason for birth control

Think your only fear at the beach is an oversized Shark just off weight watchers, think again.

life is a Beach and then there is a clown

Getting a bit kinky in the bed room, well I am pretty sure inviting a clown is not what you had in mind and just how many of those things can fit under a bed anyway.

clown under the bed
and to make matters worse, that clown looks like he might be part Mime.

so as Halloween draws closer and you start fixating on ghosts and ghouls and things that go bump in the night, dont say you were not warned when you hear the soft Beep of a horn and the steady slapping of clowns shoes in the darkness of your home as it climbs the stairs with a painted on smile and quivering lips that part to reveal jagged blood stained teeth and a cold dead voice whispers from the foot of your bed. “wanna see my balloon animals?”

“Beep Beep Richie we all float down here.” Pennywise the Clown.


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