Max Brooks Is Not Kidding About the Zombie Apocalypse –

a really decent article about Max Brooks, author of WWZ. give it a read and leave a comment on what you thought about it.

Max Brooks Is Not Kidding About the Zombie Apocalypse –

” On a Saturday evening in late April, Max Brooks stood on a stage, in front of a lectern, plaintively trying to convince an audience of about 250 in the auditorium at Waubonsee Community College in Sugar Grove, Ill., that the coming zombie apocalypse won’t be anything like what they’ve seen in zombie movies or on zombie TV or in Jane Austen-zombie mash-up novels. He seemed frustrated.

He’s talking about real zombies here, not the movie kind. Does the audience get that? Believe him, most people in a zombie apocalypse would die not from zombie wounds or anything as sexy as that. They’d die, he explained, from the lack of a clean-water supply. And as anyone with even passing familiarity with his books “The Zombie Survival Guide” and “World War Z” knows, the biggest risk in a zombie invasion is fluid loss from all that running.

“It’s not exciting, I get that,” he told the audience in the affable but slightly patronizing manner of an I.T. guy. Brooks then dived into an extended riff in which he played the different characters in an impromptu scene. He isn’t big — he’s 5 foot 7, trim but stocky — but his manic energy filled the stage as he pinballed around. First he’s the rugged, zombie-movie guy who says: “Quick! The zombies are coming! We gotta get outta here!” Then he’s the other guy, the one who’s dehydrated, the one who put an ax in his survival pack but no water, and he’s hunched over, holding his temples, saying: “You go on without me, Brad Pitt. I got a terrible headache. I gotta go lie down.” ”

the rest of the article is pretty good and gives you major insight into Max Brooks.
read the rest here:

Max Brooks Is Not Kidding About the Zombie Apocalypse –


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