Zombie Fiction: Chris Philbrook: The Journey of Character

just thought I would share, an Interview with Chris Phillbrook, Author of Adrians Undead Diary, at Zombie fiction.com.

“Philbrook is the author and creator of
Adrian’s Undead Diary,
which is a zombie fiction web phenomenon
as well as a successful series of books.

Characters in zombie fiction?

Are frequently crap. I hate to say it, but it’s true. I wonder how much of it is us authors wanting to write stories about straight up badasses?

Or, alternately, are zombie fiction characters always badasses because we need badassed characters with a certain skill set to survive the post-apocalyptic scenarios we put them in?


Of course there are the zombie fiction characters out there that are the non badassed type. A great example is Jon Maberry’s Rot & Ruin character Benny Imura. He’s just a scared teenager. Of course his older brother Tom-

Is a straight up badass.

You can’t win.

Incidentally, I love Jon’s work. If you haven’t read it, do so immediately. It would be considered a win.

Sometimes zombie fiction characters exist solely to offer knowledge or a perspective to a story. I know I’ve written a few of those types. Need someone to fix a broken engine? Write yourself a mechanic. Engine’s fixed, the knowledge imparted, and you want the story to seem really scary and brutally realistic?

Kill the mechanic off.

BOOM. You too can be a frigging BOSS zombie fiction writer.” Excerpt from Interview.

Read the rest here:

Zombie Fiction: Chris Philbrook: The Journey of Character.


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