Chapter Thirteen is up and why I write this stuff

So for those of you that don’t know Chapter Thirteen is up, Yay me.

So in celebration I thought I would take a day or two off from writing. Why you ask, well because currently there’s a fog bank in my head with ten thousand or so little guys with big hammers walking around just waiting to find whats left of the spongy mass I like to call my brain and play a really energetic game of wack a mole.

These little guys are evil, worse then those floppy shoe wearing happy faced horrors, and ten times worse then the creepy mute white faced things called mimes.

But before I take my two days off to visit my four wheeler and head off into the woods, I thought I would write some more LOL.

So here is the long and the short of it, it will probably be longer than short, I have this argument with myself all the time, keep it short, which usually ends with me kicking my own butt and having to tell people I fell down a flight of stairs… I digress..

Why you ask do I write zombie stories, I can promise you it has nothing to do with all the highbrow “ we are them and they are us” psychobabble or the whole I’m making a social statement about the rot in our society yada yada. All of that stuff is just an attempt by Obsessive-compulsive types who have to find meaning in everything even if they have to make up a logical sounding reason.

I write them and read them, because its fun, because I’m intrigued by what a world that’s had its heart eaten out would be like, not out of some deep seated psychological need to explain why people shop at walmart or fail to actually get an education but managed to get diploma’s.

Ancient man feared the dead rising because its horrifying and against the laws of nature, its the same reasons we are both attracted to and repelled by stories of the dead rising today.

I could I guess write in ex’s to be eaten or and write in people that cut me off in traffic to watch them die horrible twisted deaths as my undead doppelganger, or maybe a Tupla lovingly rips them limb from limb, all the while lecturing them for cutting me.. er.. some one off.

The truth is, to me its horrifying, not just being eaten. But knowing that every single person you’ve loved, are friends with or just met walking down sidewalk is out there stumbling around, just waiting to rip into any one they stumble across is the horror. There’s no mercy no compassion and no way to talk them out of taking off the bib or leaving you in the Happy meal box instead of pulling you out.

Did I say short.. see this is why I end up tossing myself around the house out of frustration.

So we proceed into the grammar… get over it. LOL seriously, I try, I admit it is one of my biggest failings. I don’t know a dangling participle from a Canine liver. Actually I have a much better chance of recognizing a Canine liver.

So I apologize for Ripping up the OCD governed rules, stomping on them, burning them and then hiding them in the septic tank. I was honestly just washing my hands and they went off.

So to wrap this up, I can hear you cheering, assuming your even still reading LOL, Read not just my story, not just zombies stories but every story for the story. To get the joy, or wonder the horror, the fear, that the writer intended.

Don’t worry about the rules, don’t worry about talking heads and high browed interpretations. Live in the world of the story and forget the real world for just a little while. Because that’s all a story is about taking you to a new world where you can be that little kid full of wonder and seeking adventures and mysteries again.

Thanks for taking the time to read not just this rambling post but the stories I have put up. It means a lot to me and I hope that you find the Adventure your seeking either here or where ever your search finally lands you.


One thought on “Chapter Thirteen is up and why I write this stuff

  1. I’ve read your stuff from the beginning since Adrian first stumbled out of his apartment, and I have gotten used to (enamored?) of your prose. I’m no rocket scientist or English Major. All I am is a guy who also appreciates a good or great zombie story. Yours, of course, are always in the latter.

    So, while I patiently wait here like a crazed clown with bunions for the next episode. Enjoy your short vacation! Everyone deserves time off!

    Thanks again!


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