Movie ramblings.

its 0315 here, or in military time,   Oh my god its early.  LOL.  but here I sit watching a movie, and wondering what happened to Hollywood, that they can not make movies like this anymore.  whats the movie you ask.  Aliens, extended directors cut,  the sequel to Alien.  and in my opinion, there are no other movies that follow it LOL.  


Todays movies, when they bother to make one thats not a 5th reincarnation of a remake or re-imagining, is like a boob job, fast, sleek, looks good, and nothing but filler.  its all about the special effects and no real story.  yes some movies are Original and have real plots and decent acting but most, most are like a train wreck, you cant stop watching.  the only thing worse is a made for Scy Fy movie, which has created a whole new level of movies below B,  that make even the 1959 disaster,”Plan Nine from out space” look good and that takes some doing. 

so any who back to Aliens,  action packed, with effects that are not dated yet.  no CGI, zero, zip, zilch, nada. it has a solid plot, great acting,  with few if any holes, and believable characters.    which is a far cry from say “Suckerpunch”, speaking of boob jobs, if there was a more convoluted, badly scripted plot outside of Scy Fy, I havent seen it. Its one saving grace, good looking women in Skimpy outfits doing things that dont make much sense, but they moan alot.  and even thats not enough to save it or the viewers sanity.

speaking of science fiction, skimpy outfits and questionable plots.. “Forbidden Planet”  A classic, and laid the foundation for later Science fiction movies, and Robby the Robot was definitely one of the best props for a movie and a Star in his own right.  actually his acting was some what better than the  human actors. okay yes the Robot should have gotten the girl, but back then Mechanical love interests were taboo.  no one wanted to risk their wives or girlfriends getting any ideas and leaving them for the toaster or God forbid their cars.  It seems Hollywood works in cycles, bad to okay, to good, and back to bad,covered by special effects and T and A.  which means we can probably look forward to a revamped Barbarella, and summer camp movies, and of course a modern Porky’s. at least it will take our minds off how bad most movies are, and stop us from guessing how many times Hollywood can redo the same movie with a slightly different title each time. 

of course if they remake Plan nine from outer space, the apocalypse is right around the corner, because it will most likely be a made for Scy fy movie.

tonight’s rambling movie thoughts brought to you by the letter B. 


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