Zombie Diaries

having recently watched this movie, I was struck by a few thing.

First it is a Indy film and as such deserves a bit more credit than it received by the Hollywierd critics. it all ways amazes me when I see what essentially is a home made movie, that ends up on the big screen, and not just drifting on You tube.

this movie delves into some subject matters that others fail to touch. which is about where the good news stops LOL.

the director, for some reason, decided that using the Blair witch style camera work was a good thing, some one needs to tell him that, it not only is not cool, but highly annoying both in terms of Story and for viewers.. “who is going to run around with a camera glued to their eye, when faced with being eaten, the first person shooter perspective camera work is highly annoying, and truly sucks when night falls, and the camera is not a night vision camera. sorry I personally dont feel like sitting through ten minutes of black screen listening to shouting and screaming. for that, I have a radio.

the acting isnt all that bad, nor is it all that great. the worst is a character that is supposed to be American, and yet sounds oddly British, say London British.

the different group story lines are oddly disjointed, but some how work
if only through relief that the movie is actually moving forward.

for all that it can be entertaining, but not on par with the second movie named of course, Zombie Diaries 2, which is a much better film across the board.

all in all zombie diaries doesnt make you want to gnaw out your own throat to escape.

Let me know what you think.


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