The Top ten things you dont like about the walking Dead.

Im curious what others think about the AMC show the Walking Dead,  what they would like to see on the show as opposed to what the Producers and the Creator Kirkman show.. 

so speak out, what would you like to see more or less of on the show. 


4 thoughts on “The Top ten things you dont like about the walking Dead.

  1. I’d like to see properly implemented survival methods used. Some of the things they do make you wonder how they have gotten as far as they have 🙂 Great show though.


    • I agree, I think that just searching for food, ammo and water would be an improvement and present alot of chances for drama, action and character development.

      I love the show, but no matter how much you like something, you always notice things that you would like to see, or would have handled differently. .


  2. I havent read the comic book, so I cant comment on that side of things, but Ive heard that before. I know that the lack of a time line bothers me, I can guess Rick was in the hospital for a week after Shane left him, only because he would have died of dehydration. but after that, how long was he in with the father and son, how long was he on the road before reaching Atlanta, how long was the group camped at the quarry, etc… the farm seemed like weeks, but could have been days. considering Carl was up and running around after almost dying leads me to think it was at least three weeks.

    I understand what you mean about the shallowness, its like there are some shining moments like Rick shooting Sofia, but mostly its almost stereotype characterizations with no screen time to show how and why the characters act and think the way they do.

    that said LOL I still enjoy the show.


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