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I want to dedicate my work to my mom who recently passed on. March 15th 1945 to July 25th 2016.

Love and miss ya mom  Rest in Peace.

Do not stand at my grave and weep,
I am not there… I do not sleep.
I am the thousand winds that blow…
I am the diamond glints on snow…
I am the sunlight on ripened grain…
I am the gentle autumn rain.
When you waken in the morning’s hush,
I am the swift uplifting rush
Of gentle birds in circling flight…
I am the soft star that shines at night.
Do not stand at my grave and cry—
I am not there… I did not die.

(Begin Announcement)

The Clock runs down part one, Half past the apocalypse is up on Amazon know.
The Clock runs down book one Half past the apocalypse.

The Clock runs down: BookII “The Servant” is up on Amazon The Clock runs Down book II: The Servant
(end announcement)


Thanks for reading, I would appreciate any comments to help improve the story, and will continue to edit as time allows and yes I am currently aware of my grammar deficiency and working to correct it. hopefully you can see past that to enjoy the story.

if you want to contact me to ask questions, rant or tell me I was dead wrong on the range of an Army ants M18 just check my profile where I have my Email address posted.

“May you have warm words on a cold evening,
a full moon on a dark night,
and the road downhill all the way to your door.”
~Irish Blessing

103 thoughts on “MidnightsCorner

    • glad you found it LOL Thanks, as I get more of the story Edited, I will be adding the newly edited Part’s to the Blog. LOL Im sure Ill have to go back and re edit but thats okay, as long as it ends up polished and the readers enjoy it.

      Just remember, “Suffer not a clown to Live”, Book of Jared, Chapter Two LOL


  1. Keep it up. Got me hooked. Just finished reading them all and have an itch for some more. After AUD ended I have been looking for something to entertain me every night when I go to read and this story is great.


  2. Just a technical writing question; do you have all of these many story arcs mapped out? Like, physically mapped out? I’ve been reading through and trying to keep a mental map of where everyone is in the overall story and was thinking I would need a big ass sheet of butcher paper and a crayon to keep all these threads progressing logically toward the conclusion.


  3. I’ve enjoyed reading all of your stories, and side stories. I started reading on AUD and then later on here. I think you are a fantastic writer. You make your characters come to life. I was wondering, if when you finish “A Storm Before Dawn” , will you be writing any other zombie stories not based on AUD? I’m keeping my fingers crossed 🙂


    • thanks for reading Boogity, and Im glad you’ve enjoyed it.

      Thanks for the compliments, I appreciate it. Hmmm a zombie story not based on AUD. Some would argue my stories are very loosely based on AUD. LOL

      I actually have an outline and basic plot already worked out for a non AUD based ZA story.


  4. Just finished Chapter Nineteen…..all I can say is when I read the last sentence, I was like ahhh man really…had to leave me jonesing for more didn’t ya….lol


  5. OKelly, I am glad I finally followed that helpful link over here. Glad to see you are still alive and well and driving the grammar Nazis crazy. I have been removed from your wonderful world of Jared for far too long. Glad it is still here and growing. More smart assed comments once I get caught up. Maybe you will even inspire me to finish John Smith’s story.


    • Glad you found Jared and Company again. I only just managed to escape the Grammar Gulag last spring LOL. Look forward to your Smart ass comments, they make the world a richer place. and Yes, finish John Smith.


  6. Any chance Chapter Twenty-seven is coming soon…pleaseeeeee….pretty please with sugar….lol…ok I’ll shut up and wait patiently now 🙂


  7. Woo hoo….doing the happpyyyy dance…we have chapter twenty seven….yippee….lol….I know I’m a little off…but hey you brightened my day with a new chapter so i’ll make you smile with my craziness….fair trade right….lol ;p


      • Excellent as always….makes me sad because I can see the end coming soon…but on the other hand I’m impatient to see how it will end…lol….thanks for all your hard work, and for giving me something to look forward to in my down time 🙂


      • Thanks for reading Boogity, yes the end is in sight.

        Thanks, and Im glad my story telling helped fill your down time. But to be honest here, Your reading and enjoying the story is all the thanks I could want.

        Its been fun to write, and its taken almost three years now with few breaks to kick out three novel length stories and all the side stories. when this is over I get to go back and start editing, do some rewrites and maybe insert material I dropped from the first draft’s.

        Thanks again for reading.


  8. Have you thought about having them published? They are definitely good enough…A lot of stories don’t have characters that are as well developed as yours are…It’s like they are real people….that takes amazing talent 🙂


    • I have considered it. But before I can even take that step, I need to do far more editing. LOL In addition, I have so many pages of additional material cut from all three main stories that if and when I reach the step of publishing, they will be much longer.

      But I am glad that your enjoying reading it. spread the word LOL.


      • I tell everyone about this site…My son got me started with AUD and then I started reading the forum stories…which is where I found The Clock Runs Down…and I’ve been a fan ever since….I thought he was crazy when he suggested a zombie story…but he opened my eyes to another type of fiction that I would have never thought of reading on my own…and as you can see from my posts…I am now addicted….lol


      • thanks for reading Boogity, and thank you for pushing.. Umm I mean promoting my story. LOL It means a lot to hear that others are invested in my little story. To be honest I never expected so many people to love Jared and companies story goes to show what I know LOL.

        after two and half almost three years the story is drawing to a close, I hope you enjoy it up to the final sentence.


  9. So due to my keen ability to over look things I wasn’t aware you had the 3rd book going. So I was pretty excited to see at that time I’d have 29 chapters to read though and stretch out to hopefully the end….. I was wrong… it took me a week to get caught up and another few days to read all the side stories I missed.

    Have to say Okelly it’s been a pleasure to read your writing. I’ve read a CRD and DTR a couple times now and its such a cool thing to see it all coming to a finally here in A Storm Before the Dawn.

    Seems like ages ago we first met Jared in the Dojo. Or the first appearance of Bowler Hat as he staked Mary in the parking garage. So many characters that are now dead and gone, missed or feared and how it has shaped Jared and company into who they are now.

    I don’t envy the editing task ahead of you though. However; I do admire your ability to press on with the story in light of the mistakes. And once its all said and done, hopefully it’ll lead to a print version on an epic scale.

    Keep it coming even if I fear how it will all end.


    P.S. Tap…Tap…Tap…


    • thanks for reading Pixelcide. I am glad your enjoying it and have stuck with the story as the clock runs down to the end.

      its been a pleasure to write, and Ive learned alot about what to do and most especially what not to do. so hopefully if there is another set of stories in the future I wont make all the same old mistakes. >Crosses fingers< LOL

      Yes Editing will be one heck of a huge task LOL I'm debating on selling my truck to hire some one to edit for me LOL. Let them go insane I say.


      • I’m curious what’s on the horizon for you after the Jared Stone Saga comes to an end. More side stories? (Still waiting on that Nibbler back story hehehe)

        I do have one suggestion for you for when you decide to go back and tackle this beast. One thing I’ve noticed you doing on a more consistent basis here in The Dawn Before the Storm is that instead of the typical *************** story beaks, you’re doing more Date/Time/Location story breaks instead. Just feel it does better to set the tone of the story knowing what the setting is right from the start of the shift.

        Its help me because being that I’ve never been to that part of the country, I’ve been popping the locations as they came up into Google maps, zooming into street view and taking a look around town. I dunno…. just seems to make it more real having an idea what the place actually looks like rather then some faceless town with a road running through it.

        More work.. I know… But I think the end result would be more marketable and reader friendly.

        Anyways…. Happy Holidays! All I asked Santa for this year was Chapter 31



      • let me start by saying Merry Christmas LOL.

        first I plan on taking a break, A vacation of sorts that doesnt involve a keyboard. would you believe I have worn out five keyboards since I started this story. Then I plan on editing the Clock, adding in some of the things I cut out. I wrote “The Clock Runs Down” In three months, which is one of the things I blame for all the errors, aside from my brain slipping into neutral when faced with Grammar.

        then yes I plan on a few shorts, some during the ZA, a few that occur after, and one Jared back Story that explains his intense dislike, some say hatred, of clowns. I actually have several chapters of it already written, LOL.

        At some point, I plan on trying to publish an expanded version of all three books as well as short story collection with new material. then again that may never happen LOL. Id love to make the first act of the clock into a movie but I doubt Brad Pitt or any other star will read it and offer to front me a few million LOL.

        I have to agree, the date and location markers work so much better than the **** stuff, I should have done that all along, but live and learn.

        Some used to say I loaded the Clock and Dark tide down with to much description of places and environment so I pared it back. sigh…. LOL I’ll try to find a happy balance, or at least a dysfunctional family balance.

        As for your request to Santa, We have exchanged a few emails, he even offered to have elves help type the thing, but they wanted to much in overtime. Lets be honest there are only so many candy canes I can afford to part with. but hopefully I will have it up tonight or tomorrow, at the latest the day after Jolly Saint Nicks does all his breaking and entering.

        Have a Merry Christmas Pixel, and thanks for commenting.


  10. Unless I read it wrong, and that’s entirely possible, in Chapter 31 I think you’re saying that Marine’s drive LCACs which is incorrect. LCACs, like all landing craft, are driven by steely eyed sailors.


    • Thanks for reading Michael. It is probably poor wording on my part.. sigh. LOL.
      the Character Kronnen thought they were driven, “piloted” by Marine’s with the line he was making an assumption.

      the next sentence tells the reader that in fact they were piloted by Navy. who were ” according” to marines the cab drivers of the Corps LOL. I suspected that was a clunky paragraph since I switched to “god” tense. Thanks for pointing it out, I always appreciate having problems with my writing brought up so I can correct it.


    • Thanks for your interest Hideo, the Clock runs down is the first of a series, followed by Dark Tide Rising and ending with A Storm before Dawn.

      Alone in the world is a complete stand alone story and the Warlord in the land of the dead.: the Hunter ties into the main story.

      the others are tie in short stories.

      Thanks again and I hope you enjoy.


    • welcome Don, I hope you enjoy.

      AUD is an incredible story, and one of the few to grab me at the beginning and not let me go, and the only one that really inspired me to put finger to keyboard and write.


    • Thanks for Reading Capt_lou, The stories might slow down, but for now I have now plans on stopping. Of course depending on life that could change.

      Thanks again for reading. Have a good Labor Day weekend.


  11. Just finished part 5 of “The Hunter’s Trail”. Interesting the way you weave a story within a story. Somehow, I get the feeling that the twins represent some final contest to see whether good or evil will guide the next millennia. Or do they serve some other purpose? Does the death of Izzy start round 2? Does the death of Abbi finally signal the end of Bowler Hat? Inquiring minds need to know!!!!! 🙂


    • I do miss Bowler hat…. LOL

      I like working two stories together so that the other side of the coin is presented.
      In this case The Brotherhood would end up just a two dimensional religious nut case group with out the story being worked in.

      Anyway, Thanks for Reading and Glad you enjoyed it and have a Merry Christmas.


  12. Thought i had commented once before but well I don’t know. Finished Jared’s saga recently. It was a long time since I had read anything of yours. Basically since reading it on AUD. Did not realize there was a 3rd Jared book. Surprise to me!! Checking out the other stories currently. Thanks for sharing your talent.

    Possible vacation destination you might check out: http://www.lostateminor.com/2016/02/16/we-double-dare-you-to-stay-in-this-clown-motel-in-the-middle-of-the-nevada-desert/

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Jill’s story was terrific…no…I got something in my eye…promise. I think it was a porcupine. Thanks again for all your work. There should have been a mowhawk in the crowd at the national mall that for some unknown reason catches Jill’s eye.


    • Thanks Jason, glad you liked it.

      seeing as how I never know how much Time I have for writing, I kept the story trimmed down. LOL there are alot of things I wanted to put in.

      As far as the Mohawk guy, LOL. I was tempted but I’ve had a long standing rule not to use any of Chri’s characters so as not to in anyway alter what ever story line he might have in mind. But it would have been cool.

      I did toy with having bowler hat somewhere on the mall tearing off his hat throwing it on the ground and jumping up and down on it. LOL


  14. Damn….those ninja onions. Somebody in Hollywierd needs to put your story on the screen (Chris’ too). Way better than the farking dread. Hope that made sense, freakin screen is blurry.


    • Glad you enjoyed it Rob. I would love it if Hollyweird approached me. I even have a few suggestions on who I want in it. Jewel Staidt for starters. LOL

      Thanks for reading Rob, and have a good Memorial weekend.


  15. Aw, this was an extremely good post. Spending some time and actual effort to produce a great article… but what can I say… I put things off a whole lot and don’t manage to get anything done.


    • hey Andrew. Sorry about the delay in responding. A bit of news for you, first I was trapped on Amazon because of the contract but that will be changing and I will then be free to place the books on other sites making them more accessible. The second bit of news and far more important, at least to me and hopefully to you, I have found an editor and will be rebooting the series. In addition with the reboot, I will also be offering a hard copy version for sale. Thanks for reading and sticking with me. hope you have a good one.


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